Endowed and Named Fellowships

Create your lasting legacy

Many donors to the Hertz Foundation are looking for a more personalized experience with a long-term connection to the breakthrough research they’re supporting.

Through an endowed or named fellowship, you can honor a person or organization of your choice while directing your donation toward efforts you believe in. Both types of fellowships can be established by individuals, families, groups, or organizations.

Endowed Fellowship

An investment of $1 million funds one new Hertz Fellow every five years in perpetuity, providing a lasting legacy to you or the person or organization you choose to name.

Named Fellowship

An investment of $250,000, or $50,000 annually for five years, funds one Hertz Fellow for their entire fellowship.

When you support the Hertz Foundation through an endowed or named fellowship, you have the opportunity to meet the innovators and receive firsthand updates on their research and careers. You’ll also be recognized in publication citations for the critical role you played in supporting their work and enabling them to pursue bold ideas.

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