Awards for Hertz Fellows

The Hertz Foundation believes in recognizing fellows who think boldly and put their ideas to work.

We've established several awards to highlight our early-career fellows who are making an accelerated impact with their work. In addition to providing financial and professional support at a critical time, we also hope to generate more awareness within the Hertz community and inspire collaborations that build on their momentum.

Hertz Thesis Prize

The Hertz Thesis Prize recognizes fellows who publish exemplary graduate theses with applications to real-world problems. Since 1981, more than 60 fellows have been recognized for the exceptional work detailed in their theses, some of which has led to patents and the formation of successful companies, and contributed to solutions for major challenges facing society. Winners receive a $5,000 honorarium.

Peter Strauss Award

The Peter Strauss Award recognizes early-career fellows who have made significant achievements in an entrepreneurial endeavor, including patents, licensing agreements, start-up companies, and inventions receiving national recognition. The award honors Peter Strauss, a member of our board of directors and financial advisor to the foundation for many decades. Awardees receive a $5,000 honorarium.

Harold Newman and David Galas Entrepreneurial Initiative

The Harold Newman and David Galas Entrepreneurial Initiative provides financial and professional support to fellows who propose the most innovative entrepreneurial projects, with particular emphasis on collaboration among fellows. The initiative was established by Harold Newman, an active member of our board of directors and a longtime supporter of and generous donor to the foundation. The awardees receive individual investments up to $25,000 to fund their work and receive mentoring and feedback from successful entrepreneurs within the fellows community.

Raymond Sidney Volunteer Leadership Award

The Raymond Sidney Volunteer Leadership Award recognizes outstanding volunteers for their generous personal and/or financial contributions to building the Hertz community. The Hertz Foundation established the award in 2016 in honor of Hertz Fellow Raymond “Ray” Sidney, whose vision for the Hertz community has proven transformational.