Zoë Marschner

2024 Hertz Fellow
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Zoë Marschner seeks to develop methods for the basic computations at the core of solving geometric problems on new and emerging representations of 3D shape, with the hope of making these representations capable of enabling fundamentally better algorithms for solving geometric problems across science and engineering.

She is a doctoral student at Carnegie Mellon University working with Keenan Crane on geometry processing, a subfield of computer graphics concerned with how to represent and work with geometric data digitally.

Zoë received her bachelor’s in computer science and math from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her lifelong love of art, computer science and math led her to begin pursuing research in Justin Solomon’s (Hertz Fellow) Geometric Data Processing group during her first year at MIT. She stayed in this lab throughout her undergraduate studies, working on various problems in geometry processing, including repairing hexahedral meshes and detecting intersections between high-order surfaces. During this time, she also interned at Walt Disney Animation Studios where she worked with Rasmus Tamstorf on collision detection algorithms for simulation, and visited Alec Jacobson’s lab at University of Toronto where she worked on editing neural shape representations.

She is a recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship and the Goldwater Scholarship. Outside of research, she is part of the executive team of Women in Computer Graphics Research, and loves climbing mountains and crocheting. Zoë grew up in Ithaca, New York.

Graduate Studies

Carnegie Mellon University
Computer Science

Undergraduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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