Our Impact

The Hertz Foundation is committed to enhancing our nation's security and economic vitality, while fueling its global leadership in science and technology.

We provide our Hertz Fellows with the unparalleled research freedom needed to transform scientific discoveries into action. Through the Hertz Fellowship and access to the Hertz community, our fellows are empowered to pursue bold ideas, potent collaborations, and promising opportunities.

By applying their remarkable talents to areas where they are most urgently needed, Hertz Fellows are inventing a better future—from the future of healthcare to the future of our environment.

Our Areas of Impact

Impact Stories

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Awards and Recognition

For more than 60 years, Hertz Fellows have been recognized as some of the most notable leaders in science, engineering, and mathematics.

2 Nobel Laureates
3 MacArthur Fellows
1 Fields Medal Recipient
1 Turing Award Recipient
12 Forbes 30 Under 30
19 NIH Director's Awards
40 American Academy of Arts & Science Members
48 Members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
61 Sloan Research Fellowships
More than 100 military officers
More than 375 companies founded
More than 400 tenure or tenure-track University faculty