Maya Sankar

Fellowship Awarded 2020

Maya Sankar is interested in researching graph theory, particularly studying extremal problems and their ties to theoretical computer science.

A senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Maya is graduating with dual degrees in mathematics and computer science, and a minor in music. She will pursue a PhD at Stanford University in mathematics.

In summer 2019, Maya conducted research at the Duluth Research Experience for Undergraduates, where she resolved multiple open problems concerning valid hook configurations. She plans to further pursue combinatorics in her graduate research.

Maya discovered her passion for math at a very young age, doing math problems with her father. She participated avidly in math competitions in high school, placing 15th nationally in the American Regions Mathematics League and qualifying for the prestigious Math Olympiad Summer Program.

Outside of research, Maya enjoys playing piano and cello, teaching math to younger students, and designing mathematically inspired knitting patterns.

"I want to continue sharing my passion for math and reduce its perception as a 'hard subject,' especially among women. That means fostering inclusive communities and leading math circles and research opportunities at both the undergraduate and pre-college levels."
– Maya Sankar

Graduate Studies

Stanford University
Mathematics, Statistics


2020, Alice T. Schafer Prize Nominee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2018, Honorable Mention, William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition