Jonah Herzog-Arbeitman, MS

2022 Hertz Fellow

Jonah Herzog-Arbeitman is a condensed matter physicist working toward the discovery of new states of matter and the development of quantum materials to solve long-standing problems. Among those he hopes to tackle: high-temperature superconductivity—the challenge of keeping superconductors stable at anything other than extreme cold temperatures.

A third-year graduate student at Princeton University, working with Professor Andrei Bernevig, Herzog-Arbeitman divides his research between developing unified quantum mechanical theories of electronic ground states and verifying their predictions in real material experiments. He is also interested in 2-D heterostructures, such as twisted bilayer graphene, as platforms for frontier quantum technology. He has published multiple papers in Nature Physics and Physical Review Letters, receiving the journal’s highest distinction.

Herzog-Arbeitman studied physics, math and poetry as an undergraduate at Princeton, focusing on dark matter physics and condensed matter theory. In 2019, he received a Marshall Scholarship to study at Oxford and Cambridge, earning master’s degrees from both institutions before returning to Princeton for graduate school. At Princeton, Herzog-Arbeitman has also been active in mentorship programs and the university’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. He is dedicated to diversifying academia, encouraging undergraduates to pursue physics and demystifying the path to a career in research.

Born in western Massachusetts, he has a twin, two moms, and a very furry dog.

"The projects I’m working on are the theoretical cusp of what we think to be a revolution in engineering devices using topology and quantum mechanics."

– Jonah Herzog-Arbeitman

Graduate Studies

Princeton University

Undergraduate Studies

University of Oxford

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