Andrew Laeuger

2024 Hertz Fellow
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Andrew Laeuger is a theoretical physicist who aims to predict the gravitational signatures of undiscovered physics.

Such predictions will enable future searches for those phenomena in gravitational wave observations; if detected, an awareness of the underlying physics could open an entire new realm of technological possibilities. He is a doctoral student in physics at the California Institute of Technology.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Laeuger attended Northwestern University, where he earned a Barry Goldwater Scholarship, and graduated with majors in physics, math and the Integrated Science Program. As an undergraduate, he contributed to the development of a novel high-frequency gravitational wave detector based on levitated nanoparticle technology, which will hunt for ripples in the fabric of spacetime produced by hypothesized dark matter candidates.

Graduate Studies

California Institute of Technology
Gravitational Physics

Undergraduate Studies

Northwestern University

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May 14, 2024
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