Community Representatives

The Community Representative program is building a group of volunteers, called "Community Reps," who span geography and age.

Community Reps work with locals in their area to create activities and events, including recruiting participants to the summer workshop each year in advance of the event.

Current Community Representatives and their geographic area.

Dave I. Schonbach, Philadelphia/Delaware
Christopher J. Stanton, Florida
John F. Hilbing, Midwest
Scott M. Ransom, Baltimore, MD/Washington D.C.
Kimberly E. Beatty, Bend-Eugene, OR
John C. McKeen, Michigan
Kenneth J. Franko, San Jose/South Bay, CA
Matthew R. Behrend, Seattle, WA
Max Kleiman-Weiner, Seattle, WA
Anna Bershteyn, New York City, NY
Nikhil Bhattasali, New York City, NY
Floris van Breugel, Nevada, Utah

Grant I. Gillary, Washington, DC
Kurtis Carsch, San Francisco, CA
Andrew Winkler, Sacramento, CA
Jacqueline Turner, Boulder/Denver, CO
John R. Steinberg, Baltimore, MD
Neal A. Tanner, Austin-San Antonio, TX
Tom Dean, Chicago, IL
Ming-Jun Lai, Atlanta, GA
Rod Bayliss Jr, Atlanta, GA
Richard (Dick) Miles, Houston, TX
Neil McCasland, Albuquerque, NM

Thanks to Ruby Lai or Brandon DeKosky, our Community Committee Co-Chairs, for leading this program. If you want to get in touch with your local Community Rep please reach out to Aleza Stein to be connected.

Interested in hosting a local event?

Submit an idea using our local event form, and we'll be in touch to discuss your event and provide the necessary support.

Past Events

Kathy Vaeth Zoom Event
Upstate New York Community Representative Kathy Vaeth convened a Zoom meeting with interested community members in her area in February 2023.
Axe Throwing
San Francisco Community Representative Kurtis Carsch and local community member Rod Bayliss III hosted an axe throwing event for Bay Area Hertz Fellows in March 2023.
Seattle BBQ
Local community member, Max Mankin, hosted a BBQ in collaboration with council member, Ruby Lai for Seattle area community members in August 2023.

Contact us to get involved as a representative.

Director of Community, Hertz Foundation
925.307.5857 |
Community Program Manager, Hertz Foundation
(925) 307-5887 |