Brandon DeKosky, PhD

2010 Hertz Fellow
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Brandon DeKosky is an assistant professor at MIT, jointly between the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard.

Brandon received a BS in chemical engineering from University of Kansas and a Hertz-supported PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He was also a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Vaccine Research Center near Washington, D.C., where he worked on new ways to improve and analyze vaccine responses with a focus on major public health threats including HIV-1 and RSV. Brandon launched his independent academic career in 2017 at the University of Kansas in a joint position with the Department of Chemical Engineering, the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and as a member of the Bioengineering graduate program. In 2021, Brandon began as an Assistant Professor in a joint faculty appointment with MIT Chemical Engineering and The Ragon Institute.

Brandon’s research focuses on developing and applying a suite of new high-throughput experimental and computational platforms for molecular analysis of adaptive immune responses. These efforts have been applied to better understand immune responses in the context of viral infections, autoimmunity, and cancer. His research has advanced repertoire-scale single immune cell analysis, protein engineering, and functional T cell analysis, including several discoveries that are being pursued for commercial drug development.

Brandon has been awarded several honors for his research program. His Ph.D. was supported by a Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship, an NSF Graduate Fellowship, and a Donald. D. Harrington Graduate Fellowship. In 2016, Brandon was awarded a K99 Pathway to Independence Award and an NIH Early Independence Award. He has also received the Department of Defense Career Development Award, the Biomedical Engineering Society Rising Star Award, and the AIChE Young Faculty Futures award.

Brandon has a strong interest in mentoring undergraduate and graduate students and promoting diversity. He has served as a faculty advisor at the Institute for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) and the Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) program at KU, and at the MIT Summer Research Program to help undergraduate researchers prepare for careers in biomedical research and Ph.D. graduate programs.

Hertz Foundation Role

Fellowships and Programs Council

Graduate Studies

University of Texas
Chemical Engineering
Decoding the Antibody Repertoire: High Throughout Sequencing of Multiple Transcripts from Single B Cells

Undergraduate Studies

University of Kansas


2016, Director’s Early Independence Award, National Institutes of Health

Industrial and Chemical Engineering Research Class of Influential Researchers, 2021

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