Advancing Breakthroughs and Transforming the World

November 21, 2023
HERTz Foundation

Name a challenge facing the world today, and you will find a Hertz Fellow working on it.

Artificial intelligence? Fellows like Dario Amodei and Jared Kaplan, co-founders of Anthropic, are at the forefront of developing ethical and reliable AI systems. Fusion energy? Fellow Kim Budil directs the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, overseeing major breakthroughs in fusion to strengthen national defense and advance the pursuit of clean and abundant energy. Deadly diseases? Fellow Kelly Moynihan, senior director and project team leader at Asher Biotherapeutics, is developing precisely targeted immunotherapies for cancer and other diseases. Decarbonization? Fellows Max Mankin and Tony Pan, co-founders of Modern Hydrogen, are working to accelerate distributed decarbonization of gas into clean hydrogen.

These are just a few recent examples of the kinds of essential and transformative breakthroughs that Hertz Fellows are tackling. For over 60 years, Hertz Fellows have been advancing groundbreaking science and technology in benefit to the country and humanity. Through the prestigious Hertz Fellowship, the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation invests early in the careers of the most promising science and technology problem-solvers, unlocking a fellow’s potential to transform our world in ways that few others can. As we look forward to the next 60 years, one only needs to observe the incoming class of 2023 Hertz Fellows—15 remarkable doctoral students in science, engineering and mathematics—to begin imagining what is possible. 

Our new class of Hertz Fellows joins over 1,200 Hertz Fellows who form our Hertz Community, an unparalleled network of our nation’s top scientific minds who are boldly and relentlessly addressing the world’s most complex challenges. This multigenerational, multidisciplinary network of fellows in various stages of their careers collectively are responsible for some of the most impactful developments in AI, quantum computing, space exploration, national security, biotech, disease detection and energy, to name a few. 

Looking to our future, the Hertz Foundation’s Board of Directors recently published a bold strategic plan—the first in our organization’s history—that aspires to build on our 60–year legacy of impact and leadership in science and technology. We committed to increasing the number of fellows we support—up to 25 annually; deepening the lifelong experience of Hertz Fellows through enhanced mentorship, networking and professional development opportunities; enhancing diverse pipelines to fuel innovation; and developing mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded organizations in science, technology, national security and philanthropy, building upon inspiring work we have done with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other valued partners. 

This work will require extraordinary leadership and investment. As John and Fannie Hertz demonstrated, philanthropic investment in science and technology can lead to the kind of enduring impact that we have witnessed during the past 60 years. The Hertz Foundation’s role in shaping science and technology in our country, by growing the pool of highly educated science and technology leaders, accelerating their opportunities, and building an essential ecosystem of the top scientific minds, has never been more important—and your support never more consequential. 

We are delighted to have you join us on this important journey.

Stephen Fantone
Chair, Hertz Board of Directors
Founder and President, Optikos Corp.


Robbee Baker Kosak
President, Hertz Foundation


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