Dario Amodei, PhD

2007 Hertz Fellow
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Dario Amodei is co-founder and chief executive officer at Anthropic, an artificial intelligence (AI) safety and research company working to build reliable, interpretable and steerable AI systems.

Previously Dario was vice president of research at OpenAI, during which he set the overall research direction at the organization, led the efforts to build GPT-2 and GPT-3, and led several teams focused on long-term safety research, including how to make AI systems more interpretable and how to embed human preferences and values in future powerful AI systems. Before working at OpenAI, Dario was a senior research scientist at Google, serving as a deep learning researcher on the Google Brain team, working to extend the capabilities of neural networks.

Dario completed a PhD in physics at Princeton University, where he worked on statistical mechanics models of neural circuits as well as developing novel devices for intracellular and extracellular recording. He was a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University School of Medicine, where he works on applications of mass spectrometry to network models of the cellular proteome as well as to the search for cancer biomarkers.

Graduate Studies

Princeton University
Physics, Biophysics
Network-Scale Electrophysiology: Measuring and Understanding the Collective Behavior of Neural Circuits

Undergraduate Studies

Stanford University


2011, Hertz Thesis Prize, Fannie & John Hertz Foundation