David Henry, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 2005
Michael Henry

M. David Henry is a principal member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico where he continues research of silicon fabrication and plasma etch techniques with the integration of MEMs, optical, and electrical devices.

He has authored over 23 publications and holds 25 U.S. patents. Before starting his post-secondary education, David enlisted in the United States Navy and spent six years as a nuclear reactor operator and Navy Diver on fast attack nuclear submarines operating in the Pacific theater. David earned a BSc in electrical engineering with honors and a BSc in applied mathematics at the University of Arizona. Upon entering Caltech with the support of his Hertz Fellowship, he joined the Scherer Nano-Fab Group and earned his MSc and PhD in applied physics.

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ICP Etching of Silicon for Micro and Nanoscale Devices