Daniel Rosenfeld, PhD

2007 Hertz Fellow
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Daniel is a Sr. Staff Hardware Engineer at X, the Alphabet division formerly known as Google X.

He currently is the technical lead for an early stage project at X, where he regularly utilizes skills across chemistry, optics, electronics and software to solve challenging problems. In past roles at Google and X, Daniel worked in and then led the global failure analysis and materials characterization labs as well as the global reliability labs.

During his graduate studies at Stanford, Daniel worked on ultrafast mid-infrared spectroscopy of solute-solvent complexes and surfaces. After graduate school, before moving to Google, he worked at Exponent, Inc. as a consultant in the Polymers and Materials Chemistry practice for clients across multiple industries.

Graduate Studies

Stanford University
Ultrafast Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy of Molecular Monolayers and Solute-Solvent Complexes

Undergraduate Studies

Yale University

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