Alex Miller

2021 Hertz Fellow
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Alex Miller hopes to apply multidisciplinary engineering and science skills to further technology for exploring harsh environments both on Earth and in space while looking for ways to increase human sustainability.

As an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Alex majored in electrical engineering and computer science as well as physics, researching deployable lunar tower infrastructure and signal processing for physical oceanography. Alex has pursued internships at Wing (formerly part of Google X), Microsoft Research’s Applied Sciences Group, DeepMind Robotics Team, and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Mars Science Helicopter autonomy team, cultivating technical skills in controls, digital electronics design, reinforcement learning, embedded systems, and space systems engineering.

While at MIT, Alex studied cello through the Emerson Scholarship program, Chamber Music Society, and the New England Conservatory’s Continuing Education program.

​Outside of research activities, Alex enjoys bicycling, designing whimsical objects, thinking about intentional community and baking.

Graduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science