Paying Success Forward with Michael Schnall-Levin

December 31, 2021
Jessica Easter

When Hertz Fellow Michael Schnall-Levin embarked on the difficult task of building 10x Genomics, the California biotech company of which he is the founding scientist, he looked to the model he knew best: the Hertz Foundation.

“Bringing together talented, passionate people from so many different disciplines — chemists, biologists, computer scientists, physicists, and others with almost no technical overlap — was certainly a key to our success,” he explained.

“Having access to that level of expertise while a graduate student gave me countless options.”

10x Genomics makes equipment, software and other products that enable the analysis of cells in greater detail and with more precision than possible before. When the company went public in 2019, Schnall-Levin was able to pay his success forward through a $25,000 gift in support of Hertz Fellows.

“Supporting the fellows and the interactions that they enjoy through the Hertz community was a huge motivator for me,” he said. Schnall-Levin spoke at a recent retreat, where he offered an unvarnished view of his own career path, and was pleased by the strong, positive response from the in-school fellows in attendance. “These fellows — all fellows — are inspiring, intimidating and so engaged in good work. It feels really good to support them.”

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2006 Hertz Fellow
Chief Technology Officer, 10x Genomics