Wenjie Gong, MS

2022 Hertz Fellow
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Wenjie Gong is interested in the intersection between quantum information and physical systems. Her ultimate goal is to develop scalable, stable and noiseless quantum devices that can push technology past the classical era.

Insight into quantum phenomena is needed to help researchers design quantum computers that can solve computational problems faster than today’s classical computers. During her PhD, Gong plans to work on quantum information theory with near-term impacts, thus contributing to breakthroughs in implementing quantum information for widespread usage.

Gong’s love for physics started from the very first physics class she took in high school. Gong graduated from Harvard University with an A.B. in physics and mathematics and an A.M. in physics in 2022. During her time at Harvard, as well as through summer research projects carried out at Brookhaven National Laboratory, she made significant inroads into understanding spin entanglement in the fundamental constituents of matter. She was recognized for this work with a Barry Goldwater Scholarship. As an undergraduate, she also organized An Evening with Champions, an annual figure skating showcase that benefits the Jimmy Fund and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for pediatric cancer research.

Born in Shijiazhuang, China, Gong moved to the United States when she was 4, ultimately settling down in Orlando, Florida. She enjoys getting lost in art museums, reading high-fantasy novels and baking pastries for her family.

"I hope to contribute to breakthroughs in implementing quantum information for widespread usage, pushing modern technology beyond the classical era."
– Wenjie Gong

Graduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Undergraduate Studies

Harvard University

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