Stephen Boyd, PhD

1982 Hertz Fellow
Stephen Boyd
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Stephen Boyd is a Samsung Professor in the School of Engineering, and a professor in the information systems laboratory of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. Professor Boyd was elected for contributions to engineering design and analysis via convex optimization. Currently, he teaches graduate courses on linear dynamical systems and convex optimization, each attracting around 250 students from many departments. His website, which makes available past papers, books, software, lecture notes, and selected lecture videos, is visited more than 1.6 million times per year, not counting accesses to iTunes, YouTube, Stanford Engineering Everywhere, or MIT Open Course Ware, each of which include courses developed and delivered by Professor Boyd. His research focus is on convex optimization applications in control, signal processing, and circuit design. Professor Boyd is listed in the Ten Best Professors at Stanford University by Business Insider Magazine. In 1985 with the help of the his Fannie and John Hertz Fellowship, he received his PhD in electrical engineering computer science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Graduate Studies

University of California, Berkeley
Electrical Engineering
Volterra Series: Engineering Fundamentals


1985, Hertz Thesis Prize, Fannie & John Hertz Foundation