Roderick Hyde, PhD

1972 Hertz Fellow

Roderick “Rod” Hyde is a record patent holder in the US.

Rod, a close collaborator of Lowell Wood, holds 2198 patents (as of 2022) and is co-inventor with Wood on 900+. Rod worked on space technology creations, including an idea on how to propel a starship using nuclear fusion explosions and how to build a space fountain that would have the ability to lift objects into the Earth’s orbit. Rod pivoted to finding new ideas and products for gene editing technology.

Rod attended MIT for his undergraduate and graduate degrees, studying Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering for his PhD.
In his career, Rod has worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Intellectual Ventures. Rod worked on the Strategic Defense Initiative, a.k.a. Ronald Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ missile defence shield.

Graduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Aeronautical Engineering, Astronautical Engineering
Design and Behavior of Ribless Solar Reflectors

Undergraduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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