Ravi Sheth, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 2015
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Ravi Sheth is co-founder of Kingdom Supercultures, a company that designs microbial communities to make it easy for food manufacturers to create exciting new products.

Ravi received his PhD from Columbia University in the Department of Systems Biology as part of Harris Wang’s lab. As a graduate student, he worked on developing new techniques to understand and engineer intact microbial ecosystems. His work spanned the synthetic biology (CRISPR-based cellular recording devices) and microbiome fields (technology development for new genomics tools to understand spatiotemporal dynamics of microbial ecosystems and automated industrialized anaerobic species isolation).

Ravi received his undergraduate degree in bioengineering at Rice University in 2015. While a student, he co-founded a edtech company, STEAMtrax, that was acquired by a public company.

Ravi has published first author papers in the microbiome and genomics fields in Science, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, and more. During his Hertz Fellowship, he spent time at the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation working on childhood malnutrition.

Microbes have the potential to drive a technological revolution similar to the impact of material science, electronics and computer networking in the 20th century. Thinking about this gets me really excited about what we're working on every day.”
– Ravi Sheth

Graduate Studies

Columbia University
Bioengineering, Synthetic Biology
New Tools for Understanding and Engineering Complex Microbial Communities


2020, Hertz Thesis Prize, Fannie and John Hertz Foundation