Ravi Sheth

Fellowship Awarded 2015
Ravi Sheth
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Ravi Sheth is a PhD student at Columbia University Department of Systems Biology in Harris Wang’s lab. He is working on developing new techniques to understand and engineer intact microbial ecosystems. His work has spanned the synthetic biology (CRISPR-based cellular recording devices) and microbiome fields (technology development for new genomics tools to understand spatiotemporal dynamics of microbial ecosystems and automated industrialized anaerobic species isolation). Ravi received his undergraduate degree in bioengineering at Rice University in 2015.

“The overarching question I want to explore is: what are the design rules for engineering communities of bacteria for useful purposes? The first real applications for this field are just beginning, and I’m deeply excited to have the freedom of the Hertz Fellowship to be creative and innovative in pushing it forward.”
– Ravi Sheth