Max Rabinovich

2015 Hertz Fellow
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Born in Ukraine, Maxim Rabinovich earned his AB in Mathematics (with Highest Honors) from Princeton University. There he developed new techniques for analyzing topic-specific opinion in large document collections – winning him the Middleton Miller Prize for Best Senior Thesis. He then obtained an MPhil in Information Engineering from the University of Cambridge, where he designed novel statistical estimation algorithms with applications to automated question answering and fact database construction. Now a PhD student in computer science at UC Berkeley, Maxim is researching machine learning and natural language processing. He is interested in developing artificial intelligence tools that support and extend human reasoning.

“The scientific community needs tools, and that’s a big part of what artificial intelligence can offer. I’m interested in building more efficient ways to gather and process information. One of the great things about the Hertz Fellowship is that it puts an emphasis on going out in the world and using science to do interesting things.”
– Maxim Rabinovich