Lila Neahring

2017 Hertz Fellow
Lila Neahring

Lila Neahring is a student at UC San Francisco, where she applies her knowledge of cell signaling to the field of synthetic biology, to gain a deeper understanding of signaling networks and to engineer new cell behaviors. As an undergraduate, Lila majored in biology at Stanford University, graduating with honors and distinction in 2015. While at Stanford, Lila studied the molecular mechanisms of Hedgehog signal transduction in the laboratory of Philip Beachy, PhD. She received the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research for her work on the oncoprotein Smoothened.

Outside of the lab, Lila is usually found rock climbing in the Sierra Nevada or training in San Francisco’s climbing gyms. She represented the United States at the rock climbing Youth World Championship in 2011, co-founded the Stanford Climbing Team, and competes regularly on the professional competition circuit.

Graduate Studies

University of California, San Francisco
Synthetic Biology