Lee Todd Jr., PhD

Fellowship Awarded 1968
Lee Todd, Jr.
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Dr. Lee Todd attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Hertz Fellow in 1968 where he received his MS and PhD degrees. His research in large-screen, projection displays resulted in six U.S. patents. Todd taught at the University of Kentucky (U.K.) until he left to begin two companies. Projectron was purchased by Hughes Aircraft; and DataBeam Corporation was purchased by I.B.M. Todd then became Senior VP of I.B.M.’s Lotus Development Company in charge of collaboration products. For ten years, Todd served as the eleventh President of the University of Kentucky, significantly increasing enrollment, budget resources, research projects, and faculty start-up company growth. In 2009, U.K. ranked 6th in start-up companies among all U.S. universities. Presently he is a professor of electrical engineering at U.K. Todd continues to provide valuable leadership for K-12 STEM education and university start-up company formation as a co-founder of the not-for-profit, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation.

Graduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Electrical Engineering
Investigation of the Properties of Cathodochromic Sodalite and Cathodochromic CRT Display Devices