Kyle Gustafson, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 2005
Kyle Gustafson

Kyle’s research looked at the problems of turbulent heat transfer in fusion devices, such as ITER experiments, but with more general applications to diffusion of any magnetized particles. The numerical tools and analytical models of plasmas are similar to molecular dynamics of protein folding and even to the flocking behavior of animals.

Since 2005, Kyle has given numerous research presentations at local, national, and international conferences and has published in Physics of Plasmas and The Astrophysical Journal. Currently Kyle is a postdoc in Lausanne, Switzerland at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne working on simulations to better understand experiments in basic plasma physics and fusion energy research. His postdoc is funded by the National Science Foundation International Fellowship Research Program through 2011.

Kyle plans to return to the US and continue research in an academic setting after his postdoc position. He is also interested in entrepreneurial opportunities and science policy. Kyle enjoys cooking, debating, finding new music, skiing and traveling in his spare time.

Graduate Studies

University of Maryland
Physics, Plasma Physics
Dispersion of Ion Gyrocenters in Models of Anisotropic Plasma Turbulence