Keith Hardwicke, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 1985
Keith Hardwicke
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Keith Hardwicke attended Texas Tech University for undergraduate school majoring in electrical engineering. After working briefly as a modem designer at Rockwell International in Dallas, Texas, he won a Hertz Fellowship and pursued electrical engineering with a slant toward control systems. He received his PhD in 1989 and worked briefly at Balcones Research Center modeling passive sonar algorithms. At this point the first pivot in his professional career occurred when he joined a young software startup company in Mountain View, California as a programmer and then worked his way up to CTO of Academic System Corporation. After fifteen years he began to do freelance software contract work. During this time he made the transition to the cloud based software, and in particular He currently works at Alfresco Software, as a architect.

Graduate Studies

University of Texas
Electrical Engineering
A Modified Lyapunov Based Adaptive Phace-Locked Loop