Katie Bodner

Fellowship Awarded 2015
Katie Bodner
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Katie Bodner’s research spans applying synthetic biology to cancer diagnostics, HIV vaccination, muscular dystrophy and biologics pharmaceutical production resulting in a publication and patent. She co-founded MIT’s first biotechnology student initiative. Katie’s work on bringing DNA computing to mammalian cells led to a gold medal for MIT’s iGEM team, a global undergraduate competition in synthetic biology. As an Amgen Scholar, Katie developed a programmable, RNA platform for use as a vaccine for HIV and a therapeutic for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. She won the U.S. Biologics Technical Development Outstanding Student Award and interned at Genentech. As a Hertz-Draper PhD student in bioengineering at Stanford, Katie will focus on applying systems biology to improve drug development.

"I want to tackle problems relating to drug resistance in cancer—specifically, how the cell environment surrounding a tumor can influence how that tumor develops resistance to treatment. I want to understand all of these interactions, and then engineer better therapeutics.”
– Katie Bodner