Judy Savitskaya

Fellowship Awarded 2014
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Judy Savitskaya is a computational biologist, bioengineer, and venture capital investor.

In her undergraduate degree at Carnegie Mellon, she studied biology and computer science together, luring her into an enticing dream of one day engineering biology in a way that’s as scalable and modular as writing code. She did her PhD at Berkeley where she learned that working on these ideas in the context of a startup could really accelerate their realization through time, team, and money. She worked with several startups and VC firms through consulting relationships and internships before she graduated and joined Andreessen Horowitz as a full time investor.

Today she focuses primarily on Seed and Series A stage therapeutics, life science tools, and synthetic biology companies (let her know if you know a great startup or a great founder she should meet!).

Graduate Studies

University of California, Berkeley