Jordan Doman

Fellowship Awarded 2017
Jordan Doman

Jordan is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, where she will graduate with a BA in biochemistry and an MS in chemistry. Jordan’s interest in chemical biology began during her work as an Autism Science Foundation summer fellow at the University of Pittsburgh. While analyzing functional MRI data under Dr. Carla Mazefsky, Jordan became interested in the physics and chemistry behind MRI. She also became curious about whether it was possible to image the brain, or disease biomarkers, in a more sensitive way. With this in mind, she joined the lab of Dr. Ivan Dmochowski in the University of Pennsylvania’s Chemistry Department. Jordan’s work in this lab uses organic synthesis to create novel contrast agents for Hyper-CEST 129Xe NMR, which enables ultrasensitive biosensing. Jordan’s work on “two-faced guest” molecules contributed to the development of a novel host-guest relay system for the ultrasensitive detection of protein biomarkers. Now supported by the Goldwater Fellowship and the Roy and Diana Vagelos Challenge Award, Jordan is working to improve and expand upon her previous work for eventual in vivo applications. She will be completing her master’s thesis on this work.

After graduating, Jordan will pursue a PhD in chemistry or chemical biology. During graduate school, she hopes to use organic chemistry and biophysical chemistry to develop chemical tools for medicine. Outside of the lab, Jordan serves as the co-president of Penn’s Rotaract club, which coordinates local and international service projects. She is from Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

Graduate Studies

Harvard University
Chemistry, Chemical Biology