John Stockton, PhD

2000 Hertz Fellow
John Stockton
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John Stockton, Ph.D., is co-founder of Quantifind and Entanglement Technologies.

At Quantifind, John is building a machine learning platform for discovering signals within massive unstructured data to help companies explain and drive revenue movements. Entanglement Technologies builds ultra-sensitive vapor sensors for applications in air quality testing and resource finding using technology originating in experimental quantum physics.

He received his doctorate in physics from Caltech and performed both undergraduate and postdoctoral research at Stanford. John’s academic work focused on experimental and theoretical metrology using quantum noise-limited systems. His expertise sits at the cross-section of Bayesian inference, stochastic signal processing, control theory, information retrieval, and predictive analytics.

Graduate Studies

California Institute of Technology
Continuous Quantum Measurement of Cold Alkali-Atom Spins

Undergraduate Studies

Stanford University


2012, Peter Strauss Award, Fannie & John Hertz Foundation

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