Ethan Sussman

2018 Hertz Fellow

Ethan Sussman is a Szego assistant professor at Stanford University.

Sussman’s graduate work involved the production of asymptotic expansions for solutions to partial differential equations arising in mathematical physics. It allows the detailed description of the relevant physical phenomena in all possible regimes of interest. For example, on the topic of ionization, his work allows one to study the quantum wave function of an escaped electron in more detail than previously possible.

Sussman was a double major at Stanford University, in mathematics and physics. While at Stanford, he partook in both experimental and theoretical physics research. Working in the lab of Professor Hari Manoharan, Ethan designed and carried out Berry phase experiments in quantum corrals, and numerically investigated the limits of perturbation theory to find diabolical points in their spectra.

Working under Professor Shamit Kachru, he used techniques from analytic number theory to perform exact microstate counts for certain types of black holes in string theory and consequently compute their entropy exactly. He is currently working on dual honors theses in physics and mathematics under Professor Shamit Kachru and Professor Jonathan Luk respectively.

Outside of mathematics and science, Ethan enjoys playing guitar and listening to heavy metal, sometimes concurrently. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Graduate Studies

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mathematics, Physics

Undergraduate Studies

Stanford University

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