Elizabeth Stephens, MD, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 2006
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Elizabeth Stephens is an attending congenital cardiac surgeon at the Mayo Clinic.

After two years of medical school, Elizabeth started her PhD in bioengineering at Rice in 2005. Elizabeth’s research was primarily in congenital heart disease and characterizing pediatric valves’ biological and mechanical properties for application in a tissue engineered heart valve. After completing her PhD she returned to medical school and graduated December 2011. She then did a brief post-doctoral fellowship in valve-sparing aortic root replacement at Stanford before starting residency in cardiothoracic surgery at Columbia in NYC, completing that in June 2018. She then further specialized in congenital cardiac surgery completing a fellowship at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago and became an attending congenital cardiac surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in December 2019. She remains involved in research while clinically active.

Graduate Studies

Rice University
Biotechnology, Materials Science
Composition, Turnover, and Mechanics of Extracellular Matrix in Developing, Aging, and Pathological Valves for Application in the Design of Age-specific Tissue Engineered Heart Valves