Jill Foley, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 1998
Elizabeth Foley

Dr. Elizabeth “Jill” Foley is the president and co-founder of Twinleaf LLC, a developer of precision magnetic field sensors. Founded in 2007, Twinleaf delivers high-precision systems for government, universities, and industry, using exciting new physics-based sensor technologies.

She received her doctorate from Princeton University for work on energetic neutral beam diagnostics and their unusual behavior in weaker magnetic fields. As a physicist at Nova Photonics, she built and installed a diagnostic system on the National Spherical Torus eXperiment (NSTX). Dr. Foley brought a wealth of experience in experimental physics and small business operations to Twinleaf.

Dr. Foley holds two patents with additional applications pending. She has served on the Editorial Board of Review of Scientific Instruments and received an Outstanding Mentor Award from the US Department of Energy Office of Science. She has a strong interest in science education and in cultivating a love of physics in a next generation of students.

Graduate Studies

Princeton University
Development of the Motional Stark Effect With Laser-Induced Fluorescence Diagnostic