Ed Ratner, PhD

1990 Hertz Fellow
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Edward Ratner is the head of machine learning applications at Verseon and an adjunct faculty at the University of Houston teaching classes in computer information systems.

Ratner leads a team of talented engineers and scientists who are developing breakthrough solutions for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. He joined Verseon in 2022 as part of the Edammo acquisition, a company he founded and led as the CEO for four and a half years. Edammo was recognized as one of the top predictive analytics and AI solution providers by prestigious publications and organizations.

With over 20 years of industry experience, he has a strong and versatile background in creating novel algorithms from conception to product, with several products deployed to a wide customer base. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University and have authored or co-authored 41 issued patents and 27 publications in various fields of machine learning, data science, image processing, signal processing, and more. He is passionate about finding new approaches and solving challenging problems that have a positive impact on society.

"The Hertz Fellowship helped me learn to think independently and attack problems in unconventional ways."
– Edward Ratner

Graduate Studies

Stanford University
Electron Spectroscopy Study of BSCCO High-Temperature Superconductors

Undergraduate Studies

California Institute of Technology