David Tuckerman, PhD

1979 Hertz Fellow
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David Tuckerman is a Technology Consultant at Tuckerman & Associates, Inc.

David’s work focuses on technology and business development related to semiconductor packaging and interconnect technologies; he has been the chief technology officer of two companies in that field. He has 15 years of venture capital experience (including alternative energy and ‘cleantech’ technologies), and 25 years in various R&D roles in the electronics industry.

His specialties include: Electronic packaging and interconnect technologies. Nanotechnology. R&D management. Venture investing in semiconductors, physical IT, materials science, and advanced energy generation and storage technologies. Superconducting devices and circuits. Quantum computing. Heat transfer. Technical due diligence for VCs, particularly in areas that involve novel devices or hardware.

"The Hertz Fellowship allowed me the flexibility to choose an unconventional thesis topic (microchannel cooling) rather than being force-fit into an existing funded research program. The startup company that I co-founded was a direct offshoot of interests that I developed during my PhD research."
– David Tuckerman

Graduate Studies

Stanford University
Electrical Engineering
Heat Transfer Microstructures for Integrated Circuits

Undergraduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


1984, Hertz Thesis Prize, Fannie & John Hertz Foundation