Cole Graham

2015 Hertz Fellow
Cole Graham
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Encouraged by his parents at a young age, Cole Graham careened eagerly between scientific disciplines until high school, when he participated in the 2009 Summer Institute for Mathematics at the University of Washington. He became enchanted by mathematical analysis, and resolved to study the field in greater depth. He is proud of his contributions to reaction-diffusion theory and the study of polynomial zeros. Cole will pursue a PhD in mathematics at Stanford University. His research interests include the theory of stable polynomials, partial differential equations on manifolds, and harmonic analysis. Cole says, “The Hertz Fellowship will give me flexibility in my own research and the resource of the community of Hertz Fellows across disciplines.”

“The more equations we can get a handle on, the better we can understand the physical systems that govern our world. such as understanding heat flow in metals and phase changes in magnets.”
– Cole Graham

Graduate Studies

Stanford University