Christopher Panuski

2017 Hertz Fellow
Christopher Panuski

Christopher received a BS in Electrical Engineering and Physics from the United States Naval Academy in 2017. During his time at Academy, Chris worked on the development of radar signal processing algorithms as an intern at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, created digital image reconstruction techniques at the DoD Cyber Crime Center, and began initial research in photonics. His senior research thesis focused on the development of a mechanically mediated RF-to-optical transducer using integrated photonics. Following graduation, he was commissioned as a cryptologic officer in the United States Navy and, with the support of the Hertz Foundation, joined the Quantum Photonics Group as a PhD student. At MIT, he is excited to continue exploring integrated photonics in an effort to advance the fields of quantum cryptography, communications, and enhanced sensing.

Outside of the lab, Chris shares his passion for aviation as a volunteer flight instructor, and enjoys investigating the relationship between leadership and innovation in technical organizations.

Graduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Electrical Engineering