Cheri Ackerman, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 2012
Cheri Ackerman
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Cheri Ackerman, PhD, is interested in developing technologies for the quantitative study of phenotypes and genotypes of cells within mammalian tissue and using these and other techniques to address diseases that involve heterogeneous cell populations, such as cancer.

With the support from her Fannie & John Hertz Foundation Fellowship, Cheri’s graduate work, in the Chang Lab at UC Berkeley, focused on the role of copper in biological systems. Her projects included protein engineering of copper transport proteins, development of chemoproteomic methods for finding new copper-binding proteins, and analytical methods to visualize copper distribution in cells and tissues. During her undergraduate education, as a Beckman and Goldwater Scholar at Calvin College, she researched systems biology and protein trafficking and majored in biochemistry and Spanish.

Graduate Studies

University of California, Berkeley
Chemical Biology
Detecting, Measuring, and Manipulating Copper in Biological Systems