Cameron Myhrvold, PhD

2011 Hertz Fellow
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Cameron Myhrvold is an Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University.

His work specializes in the development of CRISPR-based technologies for studying RNA, with an emphasis on detecting and destroying RNA viruses. He received a PhD in Systems Biology from Harvard in 2016. His PhD studies in synthetic biology and nucleic acid nanotechnology, supported by a Fannie and John Hertz Foundation fellowship, involved the development of three technologies that demonstrated a variety of applications for self-assembled nanostructures. During his postdoc, he turned his attention towards the RNA-targeting CRISPR effector protein Cas13, where he has led or co-led the development of four Cas13-based technologies, including CARMEN, CARVER, and SHINE.

Graduate Studies

Harvard University
Molecular Biology
Synthetic Organization in Vitro and in Vivo

Undergraduate Studies

Princeton University


2018, Forbes “30 Under 30: Science”, Forbes

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