Cameron Myhrvold, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 2011
Cameron Myhrvold
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Cameron A. Myhrvold recently graduated from the Systems Biology PhD program at Harvard University. In 2011, Cameron graduated from Princeton University, majoring in molecular biology with a certificate in quantitative and computational biology. From Seattle, Washington, Cameron was home-schooled for most of high school, during which time he spent semesters abroad in Spain, at The Mountain School which is a semester program on an organic farm in rural Vermont, and at Lakeside School in Seattle. Starting in his sophomore year of high school, Cameron joined the Daniel Lab in the Biology Department of the University of Washington where he studied flexible “bio-gyroscopes” used by hawkmoths and crane flies for flight control.

At Princeton, Cameron worked under Dr. Bonnie Bassler, studying the evolution of quorum sensing in the marine bacterium Vibrio harveyi for his senior thesis. At Harvard, Cameron was jointly advised by Dr. Pamela Silver and Dr. Peng Yin. He worked at the interface of synthetic biology and nucleic acid nanotechnology, and organized proteins inside of living cells using programmable scaffolds. He also used synthetic structures for applications such as counting cell divisions. Starting in December, Cameron will join the lab of Dr. Pardis Sabeti at the Broad Institute as a postdoctoral fellow to study viral diversity.