Cameron Geddes, PhD

2000 Hertz Fellow
Cameron Geddes
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Cameron Geddes is the deputy director of the Berkeley Lab Laser Accelerator Center and a senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

He is the experimental head for the Center’s work on the use of laser driven plasma waves to create next-generation compact particle accelerators. He manages projects extending the future reach of high-energy physics and sources of radiation from the MeV X-ray to THz bands. He leads a project on sources of near-monoenergetic MeV photons for nuclear applications. He has also led simulation campaigns to design plasma accelerators. His research experience includes magnetized plasmas, magnetic and inertial fusion, and high energy density science.

Cameron is the recipient of several honors, including the Hertz Foundation Thesis Prize, the American Physical Society (APS) Apker Award, fellow of APS, and the APS John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research. Cameron holds a BA in physics from Swarthmore College and a PhD in physics from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Graduate Studies

University of California, Berkeley
Plasma Physics
Plasma Channel Guided Laser Wakefield Accelerator


2019, U.S. Particle Accelerator School (USPAS) Prize for Achievement in Accelerator Science and Technology, USPAS
2016, Fellow, American Physical Society
2010, John Dawson Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research, American Physical Society
2006, Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award, American Physical Society
2005, Hertz Thesis Prize, Fannie & John Hertz Foundation
1997, LeRoy Apker Award, American Physical Society