Brett Bethke, PhD

2005 Hertz Fellow
Brett Bethke
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Brett Bethke is chief technology officer at Feder Aerospace, a startup company that is developing sensor analysis and autonomy software for unmanned aerial systems.

Brett graduated from MIT in 2005 with degrees in aerospace engineering and physics. His thesis developed new algorithms for solving planning problems under uncertainty and applied those algorithms to several multi-agent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) problems. While at MIT, Brett received a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship; the Henry Webb Salisbury Award for superior multidisciplinary academic achievements in the MIT aero/astro department; the General James H. Doolittle Scholarship; the Wings Club National Scholarship; the Fannie and John Hertz Fellowship, and won first place in the MIT Mobile Autonomous Systems Lab robotics competition.

Outside of work, Brett enjoys playing the piano, flying, running, and soccer.

"The Hertz Fellowship offered the ability to discuss challenges I was facing with knowledgeable and helpful people who were outside of my immediate research group."
– Brett Bethke

Graduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Aerospace Engineering
Kernel-Based Approximate Dynamic Programming Using Bellman Residual Elimination

Undergraduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology