Benjamin Grosof, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 1986
Benjamin Grosof
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Benjamin Grosof, PhD, is a principal director and research fellow in artificial intelligence at Accenture, a technical executive for an ambitious initiative on leveraging AI for business process automation across Accenture’s $7.5B+ Operations group. He is an industry leader in the theory and practice of how to reason with, and acquire, logical knowledge. He has pioneered semantic technology and industry standards for rules combined with ontologies, their acquisition from natural language, and their applications in finance, e-commerce, policies, e-learning, life science, defense intelligence analysis, legal regulations, contracts, and security/privacy. He co-founded the influential standards design body RuleML and has had driving roles in W3C’s RIF and OWL-RL. During 2013-2017, he co-founded and was CTO and CEO of Coherent Knowledge, a software-centric startup that commercialized a major research breakthrough in logic-based AI: Rulelog knowledge representation & reasoning, combined with natural language processing. Previously he was a senior research program manager in advanced AI at Vulcan Inc. for Paul G. Allen, MIT Sloan professor in IT, and IBM Research scientist. He has extensive experience in user interaction design, and in combining logical methods with machine learning and probabilistic uncertainty. His background includes a part-time expert consulting practice, Harvard BA in applied math, Stanford PhD in computer science (specialty AI), over 60 refereed publications, 3 patents, and 5 major industry software products.

Graduate Studies

Stanford University
Computer Science
Updating and Structure in Non-Monotonic Theories