Amir Nashat, PhD

1994 Hertz Fellow
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Amir Nashat is managing partner at Polaris Venture Partners, and currently serves on the boards of several biotechnology companies, including AgBiome, Fate Therapeutics, Selecta Biosciences, BIND Therapeutics and aTyr Pharma.

His doctoral research focused on information flow through neurons, neural implants and neural tissue engineering. Amir holds a BS and MS in materials science and mechanical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, as well as a PhD in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Hertz Foundation Role

Board of Directors
Fellowships and Programs Council

Graduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Materials Science, Materials Engineering
Temporaral Evolution of Intracellular Signaling and Gene Expression Following Patterns of Membrane Depolarization in the Pheochromocytoma Cell Line, PC12