Alex Siegenfeld, PhD

2015 Hertz Fellow
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Alexander Siegenfeld is a postdoctoral researcher at the New England Complex Systems Institute.

As a doctoral student at MIT, Siegenfeld’s research leveraged the application of concepts from physics to understand both the general properties of complex systems, as well as those of specific systems such as democratic elections. In his work, he used a multi-scale framework to identify a system’s largest-scale behavior, which allowed him to identify relevant leverage points for intervention in situations such as fighting pandemics, reducing democratic instability, and creating more robust economies.

Siegenfeld received a B.S. in physics and mathematics, also from MIT.

“The financial and community support of the Hertz Foundation were instrumental in allowing me to pursue an unorthodox research program focused on addressing what I feel to be some of the most important societal questions concerning governance, economics, and pandemic response.”
– Alexander Siegenfeld