Alan Miller, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 1973
Alan Miller
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Alan K. Miller is the founder of Cool it! Earth, where he is developing new methods to mitigate global warming. He has been a research professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford; and a senior staff engineer at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company where he was the VARTM subject matter expert and served as the advanced composite cold water pipe technical lead for LM’s Maritime Systems Division. After retiring from Lockheed, he was a senior composites engineer at Specialized Bicycles, and has provided composites consulting to multiple organizations. Alan holds 15 patents and has been published multiple times.

As a Hertz fellow at Stanford, Alan developed unified constitutive equations for the deformation of metals and alloys. He also holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford and a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell.

Graduate Studies

Stanford University
Materials Science, Materials Engineering
A Unified Phenomenological Model for the Monotonic, Cyclic, and Creep Deformation of Strongly Work-Hardening Materials