Adam Jermyn, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 2015
Adam Jermyn
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As a Hertz Fellow, Adam Jermyn will pursue his PhD in physics at MIT, but first he is off to the University of Cambridge on a Marshall scholarship. He just completed his final year studying physics at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, California. In addition, he is a Goldwater scholar, and a recipient of numerous Caltech research awards. He also is the first author on a patent for atomic force microscopy image analysis

As a freshman at Caltech, Adam investigated protein misfolding in the context of Alzheimer’s disease, and later went on to collaborate with a group at UC Berkeley as the principal investigator on a Department of Energy computing grant, investigating the more general phenomenology of biological aggregation. He has done research on plasmonic solar energy collection, which has been presented at meetings of the Materials Research Society and published in Nature Communications (co-first author). His research on quantum information, which has been published in Physical Review B (first author) was presented at a meeting of the American Physical Society. In addition, his research on the impact of external irradiation on stellar atmospheres is currently in preparation for publication. In all of these projects, his focus has been on scaling relations and the interactions which give rise to complexity in otherwise simple systems. Going forward, he hopes to focus on the way complex behaviors emerge in biological feedback and neural systems.

“An important part of my work is understanding how the variety of phenomena we see all around us comes from the steady operation of simple rules. The laws are simple and compact, which makes the complexity with which they unfold fascinating to me.”
– Adam Jermyn

Graduate Studies

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


2015, LeRoy Apker Award, American Physical Society; 2015, Marshall Scholar, Marshall Scholarship