Hertz Fellow John Mather Shares First-Year Results of the James Webb Space Telescope

March 13, 2023
Jessica Easter

The February 2023 Hertz Innovation Hour featured Hertz Fellow and Nobel Laureate John Mather as he discussed results from the first year of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the largest, most powerful, and complex space telescope ever built and launched into space.

The James Webb Space Telescope has amazed the scientific community since its launch, allowing us to learn how galaxies form and grow, capture the first direct image of an exoplanet, and observe distant never-before-seen galaxies. The discoveries will continue as the telescope orbits the sun, giving greater insight into our universe.

John Mather

“I have these questions many of us have. These questions of: where do we come from? What’s the history? Are we the only ones here in the entire universe?”

John Mather Arrow Right
1970 Hertz Fellow

Senior Astrophysicist and Goddard Fellow, NASA

Mather is an astrophysicist, cosmologist, and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the Cosmic Background Explorer Satellite, which measured the black body form and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation.

During this Innovation Hour, Mather discussed results from the first year of JWST and what they hope to observe in the future.