Fellows Meet $550K Challenge in 300 Days

January 2, 2018
Hertz Staff
Livermore, Calif

Congratulations and thanks, Hertz Fellows! What started in Spring 2017 as a $300K matching gift challenge to Fellows ended in December with $2.7M raised and $550K matched.

Fellows responded to the call for new and increased giving to support the Fellowship Program. The challenge was initiated by Fellow Lee Swanger with $300,000, then extended by an anonymous donor up to $550,000 when the demand for matching funds surpassed the original goal. When the match ended on Dec. 31, 2017, 114 donors gave more than $2.7M.

“The Foundation could not have made this fundraising progress in new and increased gifts without the generosity of the entire Fellows community, especially our two matching gift donors,” said President Robbee Kosak. “Their challenge inspired Fellows of all generations to invest in Fellows today and tomorrow.”

The challenge was the brainchild of Swanger, director of the Miami office of Exponent, an engineering and scientific consulting firm. An expert in analyzing manufacturing processes and recommending solutions, Swanger applied that skill set to the Fellowship Program, with great success.

“As an early contributor to the Foundation, my goal was to start a cascading multiplier effect among the Fellows,” Swanger said. “Once we get into the habit of investing, the benefits for our Fellowship Program, as well as the Hertz Community, will continue to grow. I’m grateful to all the Fellows who were inspired and able to participate in this challenge.”