Russel Caflisch, PhD

1975 Hertz Fellow
Russel Caflisch
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Russ Caflisch is director of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (since 2017) and Professor in the Mathematics Department at NYU. He has also held faculty positions at Stanford and UCLA, where he was director of the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) 2008-2017. He received his PhD in mathematics in 1978 from the Courant Institute, where he held a Hertz Graduate Fellowship. He is a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the American Mathematical Society, and the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences. He has received a Sloan Research Fellowship and was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. His research is on a wide range of topics in applied math, including PDEs, fluid dynamics, plasma physics, materials science, Monte Carlo methods, and computational finance.

Graduate Studies

New York University
The Fluid Dynamic Limit and Shocks for a Model Boltzmann Equation


2012, Member, American Academy of Arts & Sciences; 2013, Fellow, American Mathematical Society; 1985, Sloan Research Fellow, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation; 2019, Member, National Academy of Sciences