Eric Eason, PhD

Fellowship Awarded 2009
Eric Eason
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Eric Eason received his PhD in the Applied Physics Department at Stanford University as a Hertz Fellow. He graduated in May of 2009 from the University of Colorado at Boulder with two BS degrees in applied math and engineering physics.

Eric is primarily focused on experimental research in mechanics and physics with applications in everyday life. Previously, He has worked on gecko-inspired synthetic adhesives, which are good for things like robotic grasping and climbing. Moreover, he has worked on projects in the fields of condensed-matter physics and mechatronic design. Eric is interested in all the sciences and engineering disciplines. He has always enjoyed learning, and he intends to study a wide array of topics as a graduate student and throughout his career. He hopes eventually to become knowledgeable about as many different subjects as possible.

Eric is an amateur pianist, composer, arranger, and music producer. He is also an Eagle Scout, and in his spare time he enjoys scuba diving, bicycling, skiing, robotics, and building stuff.

Graduate Studies

Stanford University
Physics, Condensed Matter Physics
Analysis and Measurement of Stress Distributions in Gecko Toes and Synthetic Adhesives