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4/28/2016 Hertz Fellow Kathleen Fisher Pushes for Better Cybersecurity in the Age of the “Internet of Things”

After first proving that it was possible for professional hackers to remotely take control of networked computer-based vehicles, Hertz Fellow Kathleen Fisher has been successfully leading research teams to counteract potential hackers that would exploit this vulnerability to cause physical harm in the real world.

4/28/2016 Hertz Fellow Jeff Weber, IBM Researcher, Wins Hertz Thesis Prize for Work on Protein Dynamics

Hertz Fellow Jeff Weber is the winner of the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation 2016 Thesis Prize for his doctoral thesis, “Far-From-Equilibrium Phenomena in Protein Dynamics”, a breakthrough study in the mechanics of protein folding.

4/21/2016 Prestigious Hertz Foundation 2016 Fellows Announced

Prestigious Hertz Foundation Fellowship Recipients Announced Fellows to join most competitive PhD Fellowship program in science and engineering in the United States

3/24/2016 Hertz Fellow Katelin Schutz Is Exploring How Invisible Influences Shape Our Universe, from Gravitational Waves and Black Holes to Dark Matter

As a theoretical cosmologist, Hertz Fellow Katelin Schutz studies the universe, how it began, and what it’s made of, and uses that knowledge to understand exotic and fundamental physics.

3/24/2016 Hertz Fellow Avideh Zakhor Maps Indoor Environments One Step at a Time

As anyone who’s used Google Street View with a virtual reality headset or played any of the latest first-person video games can attest, immersive 3D environments can blur the lines between the real world and the computer-generated one. The technology making this possible owes a debt of gratitude to the work of Hertz Fellow Avideh Zakhor, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley, who also heads the university’s Video and Image Processing Lab.

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